Chicago Brew Crew: Home Brewing Honey Basil Ale with the Little-Village Cervezeros Part 1

Mike & Josh meet with the Little-Village Cervezeros, a Chicago local Home Brewing group in this special edition of the Chicago Brew Crew. Watch as the Cervezeros show you the begging steps to brewing a Honey Basil Ale and where you can find the ingredients and supplies to start your own home brewing. To Finish your Honey Basil Ale, when the boil has finished your wort must be fully cooled to room temperature (72 F or less to prevent infection of batch) and siphoned or dumped into your fermenter before you add (pitch) your yeast. Don’t worry about all of the junk (hops and proteins — called the “trub” in brewers lingo) in the wort — most of it will fall to the bottom during fermentation. Then add your yeast and age for a couple months.

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