Moreno’s Liquors 44th Anniversary

We’re gearing up for another less than ordinary 44th Anniversary!

Starting May 17th-23rd we will be offering 10% off on all our products during select days! To promote social distancing we are encouraging customers take advantage of our curbside pickup and delivery service! Call us at (773) 277-7737 to place an order!
We will also have a very limited amount of tastings and specialty rare bottles released through out the week! (limit 2 people per tasting table at anytime.
Monday-Tuesday: Agave Spirits (Tequila,Mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora, Racilla)
Wednesday-Thursday: Whiskeys & Rums(Scotch,Bourbon,Irish,Japanese,Clairin,Charandas,Aguarentes, Cacha├ža)
Friday-Saturday: Grape Spirits & Wines (Brandy, Cognac, Piscos, Armagnac, Grappa)
Sunday: Gins & Vodkas
Monday-Friday 10% off all craft beer!
Limit 30 customers in the store at any given time.
(excludes on sale or limited items, must be 21 or older to purchase, Delivery within a 5mile radius only)