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Aqara Agave De Los Andes Plateado Agave Spirit
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Aqara Agave De Los Andes Plateado Agave Spirit

The agave plant has been part of the natural landscape of the Andes for thousands of years, withstanding severe climatic conditions and tolerating poor and shallow soils. In these areas, agaves have been asleep for myriad of years waiting for its people to discover them and enjoy the intrinsic benefits they provide. Harvested before it produces a once-in-a-lifetime inflorescence event, the agave changes its density as the people transform fields of mature agave into a beautiful spirit that pays tribute to its place of origin, allowing it to live forever in our memories.
Family : Marco Suarez Lara
Country : Peru
Town : Caraz
Region : Ancash
Agave Varietals: Agave Americana Expansa Gentry ; Agave Cordillerensis
ABV : 40%
Harvested: around 10 years of age (@ 20 degree brix)
Cook: 7 hours (mash tun using a steam jacket)
Crush: cut by hand using a machete (cut into about 1-2 inch cubes)
Fermentation: stainless steel tanks
Fermentation Yeast/Water: dry yeasts ; local filtered and purified water
Fermentation Time: 3 days
Still(s): 100 Liter Copper Pot still ; 150 Liter Copper Pot still
Distillation: Double
Resting Period: Platedado 3 months