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Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec

Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec

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The expressions in the Del Maguey, Vino de Mezcal Series are hand selected by Founder, Ron Cooper to represent a slice of deep culture in very limited quantities. The Vino de Mezcal Series is about bringing truly limited-production, terroir-driven, mezcals from select varietals to the world. Some varietals are wild. Others are not. All are celebrated and known to the Zapotec that honor Del Maguey with their wisdom. Before the notion of Mezcal or Tequila as spirits categories, agave based spirits from anywhere in Mexico were traditionally referred to as “Vino de Mezcal,” with various creations enjoyed for centuries by the earliest cult fans. The first mention of tequila as a beverage is in the town of Tequila’s tax record of 1873. There is an entry showing that three barrels of vino de mezcal de la region de tequila, “mezcal wine from the region of tequila,” were sent to Santa Fe, New Mexico via El Paso, Texas. Sip it, Don’t Shoot it!