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La Luna Ensamble Pechuga Mezcal Pre-Sale

Just for pick up at the store! We will notify our customers, when your order is ready for pick up.

We are excited to announce a very special pechuga mezcal now available for pre-sale at Moreno’s Liquors in collaboration with La Luna Mezcal and in honor of Mezcal Week 2020.

Pechugas have typically been made for special celebrations, and this bottle will mark our worldwide celebration of mezcal. This is a project straight from our heart to yours honoring the power of community, collaboration and creativity.

As you might know La Luna Mezcal comes from Michoacán, one of the most abundant states in Mexico and we’ll be distilling this small batch limited edition with Jabalí (wild boar) and other ingredients from the region. Isn’t Jabalí also the name of an agave? Yes! But we’re not using that agave— we’ll be using cien por ciento Michoacán agaves for an ensamble of cupreata and bruto.

Bottle 375 ml.