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Los Vecinos Del Campo Tobala
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Los Vecinos Del Campo Tobala

Los Vecinos del Campo means ‘Neighbors of the Field’ and honors the centuries-old mezcal distilling traditions of Oaxaca and the people whose families have produced these rich spirits for generations. In Valles Centrales de Oaxaca, a group of mezcaleros distills these small batch mezcals using time-honored, traditional methods passed down by their ancestors. Utilizing locally grown and hand-harvested agave, the sultry, smoky sweetness of these artesanal mezcals is reached after days of slow roasting agave hearts underground. The piñas are crushed using a stone molino, then naturally fermented in wooden vats, and, finally, double distilled using a copper pot still. The Tobala expression is composed of 100% Tobala agave. Wild and comparable to a truffle, Tobala is rare in that it only grows naturally under certain conditions like high altitude and under the shade of an oak tree. Unlike other agave, Tobala relies on pollination to reproduce.