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Wahaka Espadín Botaniko

Wahaka Espadín Botaniko

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While most pechugas are distilled with fowl or other meats suspended within the alembic, maestro mezcalero Beto Morales eschews this tradition, instead preferring to use herbs or fruits for his special vegan-friendly spirits. Our Wahaka Mezcal Espad a­n Botaniko bursts with botanical flavor, due to the locally sourced herbs that are added to the still during the second distillation. The process yields a clean-tasting mezcal that’s imbued with just a touch of grassiness. Stevia, vanilla, cardamom, juniper, cilantro seeds, lemon tea, and lavender all freshly emerge on the nose in this elegant, floral expression. With this first vegan “pechuga,” Maestro Beto brings Wahaka’s artisanal, forward-thinking approach to the next level. Limited to just 300 bottles, Espad a­n Botaniko won’t be around for long, so enjoy this celebratory mezcal while you can.