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Wahaka Mezcal Jabali

Wahaka Mezcal Jabali

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Jabali takes its name from the Spanish word for “wild boar” because its maguey’s thorns resemble a boar’s teeth—but that’s hardly the only thing that’s wild about it. This semi-cultivated agave, which takes between 10 and 12 years to reach maturity, produces an explosively flavorful mezcal. Intense pine and herbaceous notes immediately jump out at first whiff of Wahaka’s Joven Jabal a­, and it’s just as big in your mouth—bright fruit and spice are rounded out with a touch of oil and sweetness before its minty finish. Assertively bold and untamed, the limited-to-400 Jabal a­ is an exciting new addition to the Wahaka lineup.Limited to 210 bottles.