Tequila Corner Simple Tequila Cocktails with 123 Tequila

Tequila Corner Simple Tequila Cocktails with 123 Tequila
Mike & Sergio show you how to make some quick, easy and fun drinks to spice up your party!
1oz Lime Juice
1/2oz agave Nectar
2oz Luchador 110proof Tequila
Lemon Garnish

1oz Grapefruit juice
1/2oz lime juice
1/2oz Agave Nectar
2oz Luchador 110proof Tequila
Splash of Club Soda
Grapefruit or Lemon garnish

Tequila Old Fashion:
2 dashes bitters (Old Fashion bitter)
1/4oz agave nectar
2oz Numero 3 Anejo
Orange peel garnish

Tequila Corner: 123 Tequila review

Tequila Corner: 123 Tequila review
Mike & Sergio from 123 talk about the unique qualities brought to the table by this Organic tequila lineup starting with their Blanco and finishing all with their complex Extra Anejo.

Tequila Corner: Milagro Tasting

Mike Moreno Sr & Jr. meet up with the brand Ambassador of Ancho Reyes to talk about Milagro tequila and the newest Mexican Liquor to hit the market. Stay tune for episode 2 to see how we use these two amazing brands to make a great and easy Mexican Old Fashion

Chicago Brew Crew: Three Floyds Brewery Tour and Pub

Mike & Josh head to Munster Indiana to try out one of the Midwest’s best brewery, Three Floyds. In this episode we will take you on a brief tour of the Brewery, try out some of there delicious beers on tap along with a great selection provided at the Brew Pub. We also pickup a few beers ourselves to take for the ride home.

Chicago Brew Crew: Revolution Brewery Tour & Pub

Mike & Josh head out to the west side of Chicago, Logan Square area to checkout one of the city’s largest and best known Breweries, Revolution. In this episode we will take you into the pub where we tried the E. Norma Gene Imperial Porter , Double Fist Pale Ale & Coffee Eugene Porter. We also will share a few of the meals we had along with an inside tour of the Brewery. Let the Revolution Commence!

Chicago Brew Crew – Burke Beverage Annual beer tasting event

Mike and Josh make a stop at the Burke Beverage warehouse for the annual Beer tasting event. In this episode we try Boulevard Tank 7, New Hollands Paleooza and Dragons Milk, Eugene Porter Form Revolution, Aprihop and Namaste from Dogfish head, Bigfoot and Torpedo for Sierra Nevada, Woodchuck Private reserve and Farmhouse Select, and Lastly HICU from Magic Hat. A Special Thanks to Burke Beverage for the invitation and making this video possible.

Chicago Brew Crew: Home Brewing Honey Basil Ale with the Little-Village Cervezeros Part 1

Mike & Josh meet with the Little-Village Cervezeros, a Chicago local Home Brewing group in this special edition of the Chicago Brew Crew. Watch as the Cervezeros show you the begging steps to brewing a Honey Basil Ale and where you can find the ingredients and supplies to start your own home brewing. To Finish your Honey Basil Ale, when the boil has finished your wort must be fully cooled to room temperature (72 F or less to prevent infection of batch) and siphoned or dumped into your fermenter before you add (pitch) your yeast. Don’t worry about all of the junk (hops and proteins — called the “trub” in brewers lingo) in the wort — most of it will fall to the bottom during fermentation. Then add your yeast and age for a couple months.