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Copper and Kings Crftwerk Sierra Nevada

Copper and Kings Crftwerk Sierra Nevada

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Pure Pot-Distilled American Brandy Finished In American Craft Beer Barrels

We are inspired by the imagination and fearlessness of Americas Craft Brewers.

We share their passion for their craft. We are proud to share our American Brandy barrels & share the barrels previously used to finish craft beers to refine and polish the maturation of our craft distilled American Brandy.

Our ambition is to directly infuse the character and personality of the individual beers within the American Brandy with honest authenticity. The brandy is aged for a full 12 months in beer barrels. The spirit proof entering the barrel is a full bodied +/- 130 Proof to maximize flavor extraction. Bottle proof at 111 Proof is chosen to maximize the craft beer flavor profiles by minimizing dilution with just a touch of water to enable the flavors to authentically bloom and soften the heat just a touch.

The brandy is unadulterated by any additives that may impact on the authentic and direct flavor from the barrels – Non-Chill Filtered – which would extract flavor, no addition of boise – which would muddy flavors with a fake oaky profile, no caramel color – the spirit is the natural color from the barrel.

The craft beer barrels have deeply influenced the aroma and taste of the brandy with their unique profiles and personalities. They boogie.

Sierra Nevada Smoked Imperial Porter

NOSE: Red Currant, surprisingly fresh, faint citrus.

TASTE: Unexpectedly hoppy, strong vanilla and malt, hints of smoke. Finishes very mellow and smooth, with a slight hoppy return.

Copper and Kings CRFTWERK Sierra Nevada