James Oliver Rye

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James Oliver Rye whiskey was first released in 2013 and is named for James Oliver Turner, who is the grandfather of founder Robert Turner. As legend would have tell us, James began the whiskey tradition by stumbling upon a still while hunting pheasant and this sparked a career as a moonshiner. It is bottled at a moonshiner-creditable 100 proof and will have a base of at least 50% rye grain (as opposed to bourbon being 50%+ corn). To us, this implies a dry, spicy, and robust flavor.

Nose: Cocoa, vanilla, cloves, green tea leaves, cut grass, floral.

Palate: Honey, vanilla, pistachio, banana, date, fig, dried dark fruit, walnuts, herbal tea, herbs, peppermint, spice, toast, leather, zesty, lovely wood. Finish: Spice, peppery, rye, grain, medium.