La Luna Chino Mezcal

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This is all wild Agave Cupreata that we roast for much longer, and (fully matured)   capon. We let the agave rest a week after roasting, used much more bagazo in the tinas for the fermentation, waited longer for it to ferment, applied only gentle touches at initiation of fermentation, and then distilled with different cuts.  Overall this expression is a beautiful roller coaster.

Aroma- lemon, evergreen forest, pine, pledge wood cleaner (in a good way)

Flavor- slightly savory, cooked agave, anise

Lote: 3

Cook time: 168 hours

Rest time post cooking: 144 hours

Fermentation time: 240 hours

Bottled: 2019

Mezcalero: Patricio Arreaga Peña