Graham’s Quinta Dos Malvedos Vintage Port 2004

Quinta dos Malvedos is situated on the north bank of the Douro River, a short distance
from the mouth of the river Tua, between Pinhão and the Valeira dam. Located in the
Upper Douro region, the vineyards at Quinta dos Malvedos are mostly south facing
ensuring prolonged solar exposure and excellent ripening of the grapes despite localised
microclimates created by the natural undulations of the valley. Height above sea level in
the Quinta varies from 130m to 350m, with a 15-year annual average rainfall of 606mm.
The vineyard produces rich and complex full-bodied wines with floral characteristics of
eucalyptus and mint, and soft violet overtones when young. Malvedos Vintage Ports are
bottled and aged in Graham’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia and not released until ready
to enjoy, around ten years after harvest.