Rhine Hall La Normande

Rhine Hall La Normande

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Also known as Pommeau in the Normandy region of France.

Rhine Hall La Normande is a Special Edition offered by Rhine Hall. Rhine Hall La Normande was first introduced to co-owner, Jenny, and her husband, Taylor, when visiting the Normandy region of France. ‘La Normande’ in French means, “The Woman from Normandy,” as a woman named Heloise introduced Jenny and Taylor how to make this fine Apple Brandy – Apple cider barrel aged cordial.

La Normande is produced by using Rhine Hall Apple Brandy and the fresh non-fermented cider they produce on-site. The apple brandy/apple cider is then aged in 52 gallon Bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery for 9 months. Their neighbor, Goose Island Brewery, is now experimenting with these barrels to age their beer. More details to come!

Unlike other Rhine Hall products, Rhine Hall La Normande is bottled at 18% ABV. No additional sugar is added.