Corsair Mosaic Malt Whiskey

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Distilled from malted barley and flavored with hops, this limited edition whiskey represents a new experiment from one of the most adventurous craft distilleries.

Corsair Mosaic Malt Whiskey is a whiskey distilled from malted barley and flavored with hops. Our “experiments and tasting competitions taught us that Mosaic hops were some of the best hops possible,” says Bell. Mosaic Hops were developed in 2012 and boast an alpha acid rating of 11.5%-13.5%, contributing floral, tropical and fruity notes to the whiskey. As a result of these hops, Corsair Mosaic has an aroma of rose petals, coconuts and papaya that gives way to notes of mango, citrus, earthy pines and herbs.