Siembra Azul Suro Reposado 12 Year

Siembra Azul celebrates over a decade long journey with the Suro Special Anniversary Edition Reposado. This bottle represents 12 years of collaboration with the Vivanco Family at NOM 1414.

Ambiguous regulations allows tequila to be identified as a less aged category but never a more aged category. That is why we can create a blend of our extra añejos and añejos, and call it a Reposado. Why do we do it? To draw awareness to this rule and give you a better “reposado”.

Siembra Azul Reposado 12 year boasts a generous body and warm tones of terracotta. Muted scents of agave intensify with every breath accompanied with the scents of candied fruit, bitter chocolate, prune, citrus peel, lime, orange, and orange blossoms. This expression is dense with a velvet body filled with different agave tones for a long and elegant finish